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Specially Designed Motorcycle Gear For Women Bikers

Whenever a motorcyclist rides a motorcycle without wearing proper safety gear, he or she is at great risk. Whether the law requires a motorcyclist to wear a safety helmet and etc., it is always safe, effective and smart for the motorcyclist to wear proper gear to protect themselves from serious injuries or even death. Accident statistics have shown that most permanent injuries and death cases were the results of not wearing proper motorcycle safety gear.

There is a wide range of motorcycle protective gear that is essential for the safe riding of motorcyclist but unfortunately, some motorcyclists are not serious enough in protecting themselves by wearing proper motorcycle clothing and using the proper gear. Every piece of motorcycle gear is specially designed and contributes to the safety of the motorcyclist.

The helmet is for the protection of the motorcyclist’s head and brain, and face. The full face DOT certified helmet, is highly recommended. A full face helmet offers the best protection from road hazards, road spills and protects your face from wind, bugs, and particles when riding. A full face helmet is for any bikers who care about their safety and the protection of their face in a fall or a crash.

Besides the different types of helmets for men bikers, there are also specially designed helmets for women bikers. Just like the men bikers, women bikers also need proper helmet for protection but something outstanding from the men’s. is the place to shop for the best motorcycle helmets for women as they offer a superb collection from top brands such as Shoei, Suomy, and others.

The second item on the list is the motorcycle jacket. Quality motorcycle jackets are usually made from mesh, textile, leather, or a mix of quality materials that won’t easily rip apart. You can either choose a seasonal jacket or a jacket for all seasons. Get a quality armoured jacket or a jacket with armour slots. Due to women bikers’ sizes and styles, they require a specially designed type of ladies motorcycle jacket. These jackets come in a variety of colours and sewed from an array of fabrics to shield vulnerable areas of the body, offering waterproof protection as well.

Besides the motorcycle jacket, other motorcycle gear should include quality safety helmet, pants, vests, footwear, gloves, etc. Buy proper motorcycle gloves with knuckle and palm armour for hand protection. The motorcycle pants should be of abrasion or tear resistant materials and equipped with armour slots. Get good quality boots to protect your ankles and lower leg. For other safety gear and accessories, you can visit to check their prices and details.

Exciting things to do during summer

Kids (adults too) look forward to summer time. There are hundreds of things you can do during summer season and we’re happy to enumerate a few activities here. Thanks to for the wonderful idea.

  • Go to a free music festival (without having to worry where to leave your used Electric Guitars).
  • Make potpourri from seasonal flowers.
  • Catch fireflies.
  • Do a walking tour of your city.
  • Pick strawberries.
  • Go stargazing on a warm Summer night.
  • Set up a lemonade stand in your neighborhood.
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Make guilt-free popsicles.
  • Wash your car.
  • Pick wildflowers.
  • Take a road trip to the nearest beach or lake.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Go canoeing.
  • Practice yoga in a park.
  • Visit relatives.
  • Create cool things with flower DIYs.
  • Throw a BBQ for friends and family.
  • Take a day hiking trip.
  • Attend a parade.

Supporting your Husband’s Love of Sports

The sports seasons are well and truly upon us. It is that time of year again, when our boyfriends, fiancés and husbands, stick on their comfy pants, grab a beer and try to explain the rules of a particular game to us for the 50th time. Let’s face it, if you don’t enjoy the sport your husband loves, then this is no easy task. Now, many of us will take the side of running into the next room and trying to drown out the shouting at the TV, but this doesn’t accomplish anything. Heard of the phrase, if you can’t beat them then join them? Well why not give this a try this season? Confused about how to do this, well here are some handy hints.

Try and see the beauty in the game

You may not like the game, you may not want to watch them, but like everything else in life there is always a silver lining. If you are watching the games at home, then try sharing in the adrenaline of the game, enjoy the snacks and even place a bet or two on online sites like This will give you a reason to be involved in the game and give you a reason to want a team to win.

It may be that you are venturing to a stadium for the first time, a scary thought for those of us that have no interest in the game we are about to watch. Trust me though, once the atmosphere of the crowd hits you, you will be swept along with the excitement, even if you don’t understand what you have been watching. Along with this, you will also be able to eat those snacks you have always wanted to try, enjoy a beer and be with the man you love.

What can you do whilst he is at the game?

Many of us don’t like that fact that the sports seasons take our men away for significant lengths of time, especially if they travel to every game. Ask your other half to make a schedule of the games, when he will be away and for how long. If you don’t want to join him, then this is your opportunity to do something that you love. Once you have the dates in place, you will be able to plan your fun. Maybe it is that lunch with the girls that you have been meaning to have for a long time, or you want to start a craft, take a course or enjoy a sport that you love. There are plenty of things that you can put your heart into as much as your husband does for his team. This will also give you something to talk about when he gets home, how his game went and how your sewing class was.

Support his loves as he supports yours

When we really dislike something, it is difficult to see why others would love it. This is where we need to have a little understanding for our other halves passion, which should be reciprocated for us too. Your husband probably doesn’t enjoy brunch with your girlfriends as much as he will tell you, so maybe it is time to support his love of soccer? OK, so you don’t have to start donning the full kit for every match or throwing a party every time they win, but listening to his stories of the match, or simply asking how it went every now and again will be enough.