Fashion at A Steal

I did mention about my love for shopping, but I guess most of you will wonder whether I am spending a huge portion of my money to buy all the stuffs that I want whenever I go on those trips. If truth be told, it takes a huge amount of self-control to not do exactly just that, but I have mastered the art of buying only what I really need and want as oppose to panic buying or hoarding on any random item I see in the display rack. It also works wonders to be up-to-date with the latest promos in the mall I frequent, that way, I know when the end-of-season sales are or when they’d mark down products at half the price to celebrate a certain holiday. I take advantage of these times by buying most of the stuffs I need when they are on sale at a much cheaper price. For example, if I chance upon a prom dress sale or a winter jacket sale, or a swimwear sale, early in January, I will jump at the opportunity as they would normally sell those items at a very low price around this time.

Being updated with fashion need not burn a hole in your pockets, you just need to be clever enough to know where to get the most fabulous finds and the best bargains and deals!

Guest post by a fashionista friend.

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