Finding Out the Procedure for Getting Out of Jail

After you have been arrested, you must by law be formally arraigned and informed about whether or not you will be given a bond amount. If the judge sets a bond amount for your release, you then must be given the opportunity to make a phone call to either have someone show up with the cash or hire a bail bondsman to secure your release from jail.

The actual procedure for getting bailed out of jail must be followed carefully if you do not want your bond revoked. You can read up on the arraignment, release, and immigration bail bond process by visiting the company’s website today.

Understanding the Bail and Bonds Process

The process for getting bonded out of jail can be complex and somewhat lengthy. It is a legally binding step-by-step process that requires your full consent and participation. You cannot ignore or purposely overlook any part of it if you want the bail bondsman to agree to put up the cash for your release.

Depending on the charge and the results of your arraignment hearing, you may need to have as much as 10 to 20 percent of the bond amount paid in cash before you can be released from jail. The bondsman will have you sign a legally binding contract that stipulates the repayment process and the requirements of you showing up for your court dates. You also may need to put up some type of collateral before you can be issued the cash amount.

Once you sign the contract, the bondsman will pay your bail so you can go home. You may be required by the bonds company or the court to be electronically monitored. This monitoring ensures you do not leave town and will be easy to find if you do not show up to court.

Bailing yourself out of jail may require you to hire a bail bondsman. You can find out about the bail bonds process and what is required of you as a client by visiting the website. You can learn about the legal requirements of this arrangement.

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