Future car

It’s everybody’s dream to have their own car. Ours perhaps will be realized when our kids are finished with their studies. Right now we can’t plan for other things as grand as Honda Civic because like I said we work and save for our kids’ future. If the time comes that we can afford to own a car, maintenance will not be a problem because hubby knows something about cars. I’m sure he knows how to replace a head gasket or if ever he needs help there are lot of car service centers like the Los Angeles auto repair available in our place.

An old acquaintance is into buy-and-sell business, I heard that she’s making good in selling pre owned cars. Maybe we can get a good deal from her and reserved a good car. But this plan has to wait for five or 10 more years.

5 thoughts on “Future car

  1. Momsy Katsy aka Kat

    Thanks for dropping by my blog Mommy Yami. You went to Golden Acres pala. Yan isa sa mga gusto ko puntahan 🙂 mag xmas party dun sana. oh well… maybe this year. layo pa naman e.

    Hope you and your family have a great weekend!

  2. admin Post author

    That’s great Mommy Kat. Matutuwa ang mga elders doon kapag natuloy ang plano mo na Christmas Party. Nakakalungkot nga kasi yung isang lola doon nagpromise pa naman ako na babalik ako para pasyalan siya kaso di natuloy kasi the following year, resigned na ako sa trabaho, hindi ko na siya nabalikan. oh well, baka di na rin niya naaalala.:(

    Thanks Mommy Kat. Hope you and your family have a safe and fun weekend too. 🙂

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