Get a blog review and help a little child

I’m happy to share that I’m one of the first few bloggers who got featured in Mommy Rubz’s site. As you all know, Mommy Ruby is running a fund raising project for her little daughter who was diagnosed with hernia, a condition that can only be corrected by operation. Mommy Rubz is offering her services to write a blog review for $10 so she could raise a total of $1,000 to cover for the operation of her child. If you own a blog and you want an honest review of your site, you may check this link first to read about the project and then contact Mommy Rubz. If you are not a blogger you can still be a part of a good cause. Kindly visit the little girl’s website. Thank you.

Snippet of a blog review written by Mommy Rubz

4 thoughts on “Get a blog review and help a little child

  1. Yami

    Thanks Ate Josie. Oo nga na-miss ko yung event may nira-rush kasi kaming project kaya di ako naka-join. sana next time maka-join na ako. 🙂

  2. admin Post author

    Thank you sis! will do the same (badge exchange) when I put up a page for the badges. 🙂

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