Grannies I met at Golden Acres

I wonder where these two grandmothers are right now… I met them at the home for the aged in December 2007 while pursuing a feature story for Christmas…Christmas of abandoned and elderly people at Golden Acres. The institution is operated by the government under the Department of Social Welfare and Development…The first picture belongs to the granny who used to live a good life. Her family was rich. But when she got old, her family left her in the care of the institution. She missed her family especially her son… The other Lola was blinded by old age. She was not lucky to have a sibling of her own, but someone took care of her and loved her as his own mother…She is more than 90 during the interview. I wonder if their families still remember them…I have a grandmother whom I missed a lot…unfortunately, I will never see her again. She passed away several years ago…

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    That’s true sis. I hope hindi mangyari sa atin ang nangyari sa kanila ano?

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