Helpful tips for the typhoon season

I got this from my other blog. I hope you will find this tips helpful for the typhoon season.

Tips to observe with (or without) an impending typhoon.
  • Dispose your garbage properly so it won’t clog the drainage and become the source of infection.
  • Make sure that power lines are stable or firmly connected; shut down the main power if necessary.
  • Boil your drinking water for two minutes or more; save sterilized water.
  • Store foods that are not easy to perish.
  • Complete vaccination for children.
  • Prepare a “first aid kit”, fire extinguisher, flashlight or candle, and battery-operated radio.
In the event of an evacuation:
  • Listen only to reports and reminders coming from the proper authorities.
  • Calmly follow all the reminders during evacuation.
  • Be careful not to step on open manholes and street gutter.
  • Avoid the path near or leading to the river.
  • Using a rope, head to the part where the current is coming from. Never loose your grip on the rope.

5 thoughts on “Helpful tips for the typhoon season

  1. admin Post author

    Thanks sis. Yeah, I think everyone learns the hard way. Pero sana hindi na maulit the destruction brought by typhoon Ondoy.

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