High def webcam for Skype users

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When I was still working for a newspaper, I was assigned to cover some events in the provinces. The assignments usually took a couple of days. In my free time I would call my kids and their nanny through a mobile phone. Sometimes the communication would suddenly cut off because I ran out of load or my GSM service provider has poor coverage in that area. There are Internet shops in the area that offer webcam use. Sadly, our computer at home during those days was not webcam-ready so it’s impossible to see my children even if I chat with them on the Internet.

These days, there are available high definition gadgets that make communication with a loved one easier.  Some friends especially Skype users in the US have so much to say about FV touchcam N1. They enjoy using the high def gadget because it allows them to stay connected at all time while video conferencing to clients from anywhere they are, or reconnect with family members and friends residing overseas whom they have not seen in a while.

The difference they mention about faceVsion Touchcam N1 and the other high definition webcams in the market is that the latter cannot stream true HD quality over Internet. What gives the Touchcam N1 its true HD quality video calls on the Internet is the built in chipset H.264 hardware encoder.

When you visit faceVision on line store, you will be able to read more about the FV ExpressCombo like the picture below. By the way, the HD webcam can be best used for both desktop and laptop. I’ve got to save for this amazing piece of technology to connect with my blogger friends whom I have yet to meet in person.  🙂

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