High Quality EMS Clothing and Shirts From Blauer

EMS workers deserve respect from all citizens. The work they do is important, and many times they put themselves in dangerous situations without even thinking twice about it. They show up when we need them the most, with a calm relaxing voice to ease our minds, just when we are the most panicked. All this is accomplished while they still keep up a professional appearance. A great deal of credit goes to the EMS clothing. At Blauer.com you will find a huge selection of EMS clothing and shirts.

Blauer understands that EMS clothing has to be comfortable enough to wear when relaxing during down time, and still be durable enough to withstand daily errands. Their clothing is easy to clean, and it is light enough to be comfortable under outerwear, without limiting your movement.

Blauer EMS clothing and shirts are constructed of high quality materials, put together with care to ensure they hold up. EMS needs to respond quickly and efficiently. During an emergency, extra pockets and the latest technical features can make a huge difference. Even seconds that can be saved are precious. Blauer EMS clothing will protect the wearer from blood and other bodily fluids. They do all this while maintaining a professional look.

Blauer’s full line helps protect EMS and keep them comfortable in all climates and weather conditions. Shirts, pants, outerwear, mid-layers, base-layers, and safety vests are affordable, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Most pieces include one or more of such advanced technology as B. Bright, B. Warm, Crosstech, IllumiNITE, Scotchlite, B.Dry, or Gore-tex.

View the selection of great EMS shirts at Blauer. They have a supershirt, Street Gear shirts. Class Act shirts, station shirts, t-shirts, polo, and knits. All of these can be matched up with a pair of the EMS pants for a professional uniform. Blauer carries Street Gear pants, Class Act pants, station pants, bike pants, shorts, and outerwear pants.

Blauer has EMS jackets suitable for all types of climate conditions, everything from cold weather jackets to light weight ones. They have rainwear that will keep you both dry and warm. The high visibility line of outerwear will keep workers safe in darker situations, especially at night along the road side. Blauer’s fleece jackets are perfect for both work and relaxing. Top these off with Blauer’s excellent hats and gloves designed for EMS working conditions.

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