President-Elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III will officially assume office shortly after his inauguration on June 30. Filipinos have high hopes that he will bring the much needed change in the bureaucracy and lead millions of Pinoys to a better life in the face of economic problem. I know this is not possible to happen in his first 100 days in office. But let’s hope his anti-corruption drive – will remain one of the priorities in the next six years of his term.

By having a better life means more local jobs to be created for everyone. Millions of Filipinos are in dire need of a decent job to support themselves and their families…I’m sure you have an idea about the social and health issues attach or synonymous to unemployment… Just pinning my hope to what this new government can bring about. P. Noy or President Noy, promised to address corruption and all sorts of problems in the government. Let’s wait and see.

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9 thoughts on “Hopeful

  1. shie

    i didn’t vote for him but since he won, I hope he can prove me wrong and bring about better changes for this country ^^

  2. jona

    my vote goes to him if I was able to register and vote. i’m happy that he won coz i think he’s the best among all the candidates.

    btw, we just moved here in laguna last june 2008. dito kame nakakuha ng house.

    thanks for the visit, Yam!

    PS. nice template. i like the ribbon thingies at your sidebar.

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  3. bing

    hello, bloghopping…

    didn’t vote for him, too. but i am hoping that his visions for the country will come true. it is not an easy job for him to make the changes be felt but we all can help in our little ways.

    had a similar post about this hope, too…

  4. Yami

    @Chin-chin, Carmen, Bing and Jona, let’s all hope for best for our country.

    @Jona, thanks for the compliment. I got the template for free. 🙂

    Re: Munti, I’ve never been there for a long time, sa Bayanan naman nakatira ang aking estranged Dad.

  5. Mylene

    Mommy, Why don’t you install a Word Press Threaded Comment so your response to the comments will go directly to their inbox 🙂 Anyway, just my want cent 😀

    I didn’t vote for him too. But since he won, I will respect as someone who is in authority. Naisip ko lang, sabi nya kung walang korupt walang mahirap. Eh paano kung sa kanyang panunungkulan eh may nanatiling mga mahirap. Nangangahulugan bang may korupsyon? 😀

  6. admin Post author

    Sis, hindi ako maalam mag-install ng Word Press Threaded Comment, hihi. lam mo naman pagdating sa workpress hopeless ako. hihi Can you help me please. will email you the pw hehe.

    re, second comment mo, malamang yun, sis! hindi man siya (gaya nung sinundan) maaari ang mga nasa paligid naman niya.

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