Kudos to the women in our lives

It’s International Women’s Day today. Let’s pause for a while and think about the important women who made a strong impact in our lives. They could be your mom, sisters, cousins or friends. They could be your high school teacher, your church elder or a public figure who promotes important women issues.

In one way or another, they have done their share to make our lives change for the better. We may often disagree on some issues (as with family and close friends), but when we get tangled up in some difficult situation, they are there to defend or ease things up for us. They won’t even bother to ask you what is lovegra? A simple pat on the shoulder and knowing that they are there to listen is enough to keep us move forward.

I’ve known a few strong women who helped me get to where I am now (happily living with my family). And I’m thanking them for their support. Kudos to you my dear friends on Women’s Day.

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