Law Enforcement Body Armor

The appearance of a uniform is similar across many branches of law enforcement, such as firefighters, sheriffs and police officers. The colors of a uniform are different to identify separate departments.

Stab Proof Armor

Police officers deal with danger constantly every day. These people are required to wear body armor for protection due to the impact from hand to hand combat. The vest must be:

• Bullet proof.

• Impact proof.

• Stab proof.

Even though the officers encounter bruises, scrapes and impact from others, the risk of a fatal or serious injury from a stab wound should not be underestimated.

For example, a police officer pursues a situation where an enemy has a weapon or object that stabs people, the fight between those parties gets close to each other. Especially fighting in combat, rescuing someone and participating in riots, a person needs protection against wounds.

The armor must be protective from sharp objects and flexible enough for someone to move freely. Cops deals with sharp objects that include:

• Knives.

• Glass.

• Spears.

• Rocks.

• Debris.

• or any physical object to make a stab wound.

Law enforcement rescues people from car accidents and work that involves debris is why police body armor should withstand stabbings and puncture wounds.

Emergency Medical Technicians

EMT’s use the best devices to make sure every person get the treatment needed in any situation that is urgent. Equipment such as:

• Warmers.

• Monitors.

• Defibrillators.

are important in a facility or field. EMT medical services and equipment should be easy to use and learn.

EMT Uniform

EMS workers where comfortable EMT gear:

• Shoulder epaulets.

• Pressed collars.

• Military creases.

• Shirts with button down fronts.

• 2 chest pockets.

to present an image of a professional look. The color dark blue is associated with police officers and EMS professionals. However, a lot of people choose to wear white shirts and dark blue and black pants. People from their units where name tags and metal badges to identify their name. Also, individuals wear patches to indicate their position.

EMT pants consist of

• Front pockets.

• Back pockets.

• Pockets on the legs.

to store equipment, such as stethoscopes and gloves.

A Class A shirt is similar to the look of a polo shirt. This shirt is embroidered with EMS logo or lettering. Other people wear T-shirts of a solid color with EMS, EMT, or Paramedic letters on the back and a badge on the chest.

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