Learning a new game for a good cause

I don’t know much about card games, but when a friend told me that we will be playing online bingo and that the proceeds will go to our favorite charity, I did not hesitate to join. It is for a good cause so I might as well try it. I thought of Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. or PAFPI as the beneficiary of the prize money if I ever get lucky and win.

PAFPI is the umbrella organization that provides care, support and treatment for people living with HIV and AIDS and their affected families. The organization currently employs HIV positive individuals and their families to its various projects.

They support or fund projects such as drop-in centers for HIV/AIDS individuals; continuing education about STIs and HIV and AIDS prevention services to vulnerable groups in strategic areas in the Philippines, among others.

I created an account at 888 Ladies bingo and familiarize myself to the various games found at the website. I didn’t know what to do at first, but numbers are marked automatically and it will tell you if you win. The whole experience was fun. Even if I have lost some amount of money, 888ladies would still send something to my chosen organization.

The prize money may not be a big amount, but it will certainly help Pafpi in some of its projects.

Have you experienced playing online games for a good cause, too?

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