My handyman trying to fix our TV set

Oh, please not now! Our TV display is turning green. Hubby tried to fix it, but the green display doesn’t improve. He brought our television to the repair shop, but after a few days it turned green again. My ever resourceful husband will not take the minor appliance problem sitting down. He has to do something like reading tv reviews just to find solution to the green display and return its normal color. We have not included an lcd tv or at least a cheaper replacement to what we are using right now. Well, I hope my husband will stumble a good review of another brand of TV that doesn’t turn green even after more than five years of use.

If our TV is really broken beyond repair, we have no choice but to buy a replacement. Have you experienced the same with your TV set? What did you do to fix it? I’d be glad to hear from your suggestion. Thanks!

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