On informed choices

It is distasteful for  some Catholic prelates to consider imposing excommunication to someone like President Aquino for his strong stand on artificial family planning method.

I have two kids. In the early years of marriage, my husband and I resort to both artificial and natural means to plan my pregnancy. I think both methods worked for us. My two children were born almost two years apart. We decided to have a small family to ensure that we can provide their needs and give them the opportunity to go to school.

What if I resorted to just natural method? I might have three or more kids by now and making a living will not be easy if there are more mouths to feed. My point is why don’t the prelates let married couples decide what particular method will work for them or how many children they decide to have. It’s their life and should be responsible for the choices they make as long as they don’t violate any government rule or Church doctrine for that matter.

But how about couples who have no access to any family planning method? What will become of families who could not even feed or clothe their children? Does the Catholic Church have some kind of program to address poverty? How about the increasing crime rate related to the booming population? Most crimes that happened these days are perpetrated by your people who are barely in their teens. Marami daw silang magkakapatid at walang makain. What is the Catholic Church stand on this?

The prudent may cast doubt on the real purpose of Reproductive Health, but you know that condom and pills are not the be all and end all of the health bill. Kaya nga informed choices eh. Pag-aralan natin.

Whatever the prelates may say the government will continue to advocate informed choices for couples. For that President Aquino is commendable for taking a firm position.

I would like to end this post by quoting Pnoy on his response to the “excommunication” issue.

“We are all guided by our consciences. My position has not changed.The state’s duty is to educate our families as to their responsibilities and to respect their decisions if they are in conformity to our laws.”

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