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I find some pay per click services beneficial to my blogs. Aside from gaining visitors to my blogs, I also get to earn from the affiliate network as an advertiser. In a few weeks, I hope to receive my nth earning again. Signing up to affiliate network is free, but you have to wait to get your blog(s) approved to be a member.

Pay per click is one of the many known ways to drive more traffic to your blog. The more  expert bloggers employ search engine optimization (SEO) to get more visitors.  If you know of any other ways to promote your website or blog, kindly share it here. Thanks! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Pay per click services

  1. Canadian Doomer

    I think we’re all looking for traffic that actually sticks around, reads more than one post, comments and subscribes, right? What’s working for me so far are:
    1) Content. I post daily and sometimes more than once in the day. I want visitors to get something new every time they visit, and I want the Google spider crawling my site constantly.
    2) Commenting on other blogs, but not just “Nice post” comments, which don’t really help anyone. I get a lot of traffic from people who read my comments, decide I’m interesting and come to check me out (and often, it has earned me loyal readers and friends)
    3) Adgitize and Entrecard, although they’ve also increased my bounce rate, which isn’t good. The best with those come from the sites where I stop and comment. I try to visit different Adgitize sites every day, but of course there’s overlap.
    4) Joining a blog ring that’s geared to my readers. In my case, it’s the Survival Moms Blog Rings. I get an incredible amount of targeted traffic from that.

  2. nuts

    i need more knowledge pa about SEO.. πŸ™ btw, i grabbed your badge and placed in my sidebar.
    happy happy birthday!!!

  3. Yami Post author

    parehas tayo sis, konti pa rin lang alam ko sa seo na yan. thank you sis. gagawa rin ako ng page for badges soon. πŸ™‚

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