Preparing for Gun Competitions

Gun competitions test the participants weapons handling abilities in a number of ways. For example, they test their accuracy and draw speed while moving and running. Therefore, these competitions require specialized equipment and supplies, such as competition holsters, ammunition, specialized clothing and gear.

Photo by Josh Danyliw on Unsplash


Because speed and accuracy are tested during competitions, speed holsters are necessary accessories for competitors. These holsters fit the firearm exactly and allow for easy draw. Most competitors choose holsters made for their specific weapon’s make and model. These holsters will also offer adjustable retention because different events require different retention capabilities. For example, events that require a lot of running may require higher retention, while standing fast-draw competitions require a lower retention level.


Gun competitions require multiple shots for each weapon that is being used. Therefore, participants should have at least 25 rounds for each of their weapons and each state of the competition. Many competitors add extra ammo (15-20% more) in case their shots are off.  


Competition clothing should be breathable and stretch as you run, twist and move around the competition. The fabric should be moisture wicking and snag resistant. Each participant should have a shooting jacket, pants, gloves and belts. They must also have proper shoes. They should have non slip soles with a significant tread pattern. They should tie tightly and allow quick stops and starts. 


First, competitors should have range bags with cleaning kits and lubricating oil. A range bag may also hold quick snacks and water or Gatorade in a small foam cooler to ensure hydration. They may also include safety gear, such as a first aid kit, ear plugs, wrap-around eye protection, a flag and knee and elbow pads.

Some courses have specific requirements, so be sure you check with the competition sponsors prior to packing your gear.

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