Seeded Paper – Original and Beautiful

Custom Earth Promos has a wide variety of eco-friendly promotional products perfect for businesses and organizations. They can be given out at your next company picnic, your booth at an Earth Day celebration or as a free gift during trade shows. Earth conscious marketing products are becoming more popular as people realize just how wasteful and harmful the manufacture and use of plastic bags are.

Unique bamboo shopping bags are one great option to use. They are fully customizable whether your logo has one color or more and it does not matter how intricate the design is, they can do it. Plastic bags end up costing more than landfill space. They pollute the oceans and kill sea animals that accidentally eat them or get caught in them. Bamboo is a completely renewable resource and 100% biodegradable. The bags can be used to carry groceries, craft supplies, books and more. Take a step toward sustainability with these great promotional bags. Another innovative product is seed paper from CustomEarthPromos. Seeded items will set you apart from your competition. Choose from ornaments, shapes, bookmarks, postcards, business cards and more. They are made of 100% recycled paper and the dyes used are soy and water based. It is an awesome way to market your company.

The seeded shapes are die-cut and there are currently 18 colors to choose from; however, you can have your company logo printed directly on them as well. Your company information can be printed directly on the shapes or you can attach it to one of their other amazing promotional products. There are even seeded coffee cups, calendars and CD sleeves to choose from. Once your client is done with the card, box, bookmark or envelope, they can plant it and enjoy watching wildflowers bloom.

Custom Earth Promos is committed to conservation and a healthy environment. They know how much damage is done by plastic bags and other non-biodegradable items around the world every year. Paper bags may seem like a good choice but they have downfalls as well. Producing a paper bag takes more energy than producing a plastic bag. Also, they weigh more which increases shipping costs and only about 20% of them end up being recycled. Choose these environmentally responsible items to promote your brand by visiting their website. Their reduced overhead and low shipping costs keep their prices very low and their employees will not stop working on your items until you are satisfied.

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