Shoes for Little Kids

My first born received her firs pair of black girls shoes when she was three months old. It was one of the gifts given to her by one of her godmothers during her Christening Day. The dainty shoes fit her little feet. By the time she started to walk, I’ve brought her close to a dozen shoes including designer crib shoes. I can’t get enough of those cute crib shoes that whenever I go to the mall, I couldn’t resist buying a pair for my little girl.

It’s really fun to dress up little girls. You can choose a lot of cute get up to match their tiny shoes and hair accessories. Clothes are easier to fit than shoes. With dress, you can pick her exact size or one size bigger for her. But with shoes, there are a lot of considerations to think about before you make that purchase.

First, ask yourself if the shoes will be comfortable to your little one’s feet. I think the shoes should not be too small or too big to their feet. The linings of the shoes should be leather and socks not to tight or fit to allow the feet to breathe. Mommies should be able to determine the purpose of the shoes for their child. Is it for walking, running or jumping? These way mommies should able to select the shoes with the proper support. Remember that kids’ shoes can still be stylish but make sure that comfort is the ultimate factor in buying shoes.

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