Single and ready to mingle

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I met my husband through online chatting. We were actually officemates. I was detailed at the editorial department and him at the MIS department. During those days when email is not yet a fad reporters would send stories through phone via dictation, or fax or thru BBS (Bulletin Board System) where they can post messages and send digital file. One day, someone sent me a message through BBS while I’m ready to send a file using my laptop. I don’t remember the exact words all I remember was we were already exchanging pleasantries. The guy turned out to be my future boyfriend and now partner for life.

Virtual chatting has reached a different and exciting level today. You can now see what the other person looks like. It’s fascinating how Internet can connect people from different parts of the world at an instant. virtual dating sites also grow rapidly in number. While browsing the Net I chanced upon this site called Smingle. It’s a new social dating site with cool interactive elements. I still have single friends and want to introduce them to this kind of site where other eligible persons meet. Who knows they might meet their future partner there. I signed up and create a free account to see if they are appropriate for my single friends. It looks fun because members can create a fun 3D avatar that looks like the member and avatar respond naturally to typed text. “Singles can interact in a simulated dating environment online from the comfort of their own home.” I think I can recommend this site to my friends. You can also check out too if you are single and ready to mingle!

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