Some thoughts on breastfeeding

If I had one big frustration as a mom, it was my failure to breastfeed my two kids for as long as possible. I breastfed my children for only a couple of months before and a few weeks after I returned to work. I know I can’t put the blame on anyone else not even my former job for my failure to breastfeed longer. I wasn’t good at time management and (maybe) I lack will power to do it.

A lot of ordinary and celebrity moms have been successful in breastfeeding their children. I admire them for being able to manage their time in expressing (pumping) and storing breastmilk at home and even while at their work place.

I know the benefits of breastfeeding to the growth and well-being of a child just like prenatal one multivitamin and similar vitamin to a pregnant woman. But for me nothing beats Malunggay leaves as supplement for expecting moms because of its high calcium benefit. Studies have shown that calcium found in Malunggay leaves is four times the calcium found in milk.

I have pregnant friends whom I can share this bit of information. I may not be an expert on breastfeeding or nutrition, but I can be an advocate of anything good as breastfeeding.

One thought on “Some thoughts on breastfeeding

  1. darly

    i know the feeling, with thea as soon as i went back to work- formula fed na siya. Looks like ganun na rin mangyayari dito sa 2nd ko.

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