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D.E.N.G.U.E tips

Dengue fever is endemic in most tropical places including the Philippines. The good news is that the febrile disease caused by the day-biting mosquito, Aedes Aegypti, can be managed at home. Health authorities issued the following steps for parents and caregivers to observe when a child or adult family member shows signs of dengue fever.

Aedes aegypti or tiger mosquito – low-flying, day-biting, lurks in dark places of the house, lays eggs on clean and stagnant water

The D.E.N.G.U.E. Strategy

D – daily monitoring of patient’s status
E – encourage intake of oral fluids like oresol, water, juices, etc,
N – note any dengue warning signs like persistent vomiting and bleeding,
G – give paracetamol for fever and NOT aspirin, because aspirin induces bleeding,
U – use mosquito nets and
E – early consultation is advised for any warning signs

The strategy teaches the public about home treatment of mild dengue cases. By observing these steps, the public will be able to help decongest many government and private hospitals crowded by suspecting dengue patients. It also gives assurance that not all dengue cases require hospital confinement but can be managed at home using the said strategy.

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