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What young people should learn from Luigi – a person with HIV

Click on the link to hear Luigi’s story. You may learn something valuable from him.


You read about Luigi (nursing student with HIV) here. Now listen to his voice as he recounts his story on the radio via DZRH. He granted the radio interview to help the government in the awareness campaign against  HIV/AIDS.

At the end of the interview, Luigi wishes that the Departments of Health and Education would incorporate not only information about HIV/AIDS in the high school curriculum, but information on other sexually transmitted infections (STIs); and communicable diseases such as tuberculosis being one of the indicators of HIV/AIDS.

I’m going to transcribe the whole interview one of these days.

World AIDS Day 2010

The World AIDS Day theme for 2010 is ‘Universal Access and Human Rights’. World AIDS Day is important for reminding people that HIV has not gone away, and that there are many things still to be done.

Two of my friends from the AIDS community shared their thoughts about this year’s celebration of World AIDS Day. Both were kind to spare a few minutes of their time to reply to an email I sent them last night.  The question was basically about their message for World AIDS Day and not something about all natural sleep aids.

From Joshua Formentera:

I talk a lot about responsibility when it comes to my politics of HIV and AIDS. And this World AIDS Day it’s important everyone thinks about the responsibility they have towards themselves, their partners and the wider community. Only together can we fight and then beat HIV and AIDS.” I have lived with HIV and AIDS for more than 20 years, I have learned my lessons, I am what I am and I am who I am but we should all take responsibility towards our community.

Joshua T. Formentera

From Igor (Alex, Luigi, dyingYOUNG ):

Almost three decades after the first wave of the HIV epidemic, we are still living in the darkness of AIDS. It’s about time that we work together for us to see the light – to achieve universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support. This won’t happen if we will not recognize the rights of every individual. We need to embrace HUMAN RIGHTS in our daily lives, in everywhere we go, in whatever we do. We need to eliminate stigma and discrimination and recognize the role of key-affected populations, particularly people living with HIV, at various levels of the HIV response.

Let us Light for Rights this World AIDS Day 2010 and beyond.

Free, voluntary, confidential

I receive this communication from my friend Luigi, who created Youth AIDS Filipinas Alliance or YAFA. I thought of sharing this bit of information with you.

Youth AIDS Filipinas Alliance is a network of Filipino Youth working on HIV and AIDS and adolescent sexual & reproductive health (ASRH) in the Philippines and worldwide.

The current HIV/AIDS status in the Philippines involving young people:

The HIV Surveillance Report of the Department of Heath revealed that 257 young Filipinos age 15-24 tested HIV-positive for the first half of 2010 (January to June). This is a quarter (26%) of the total HIV cases (N=981) reported this year.

For June 2010 alone, 40 youth tested HIV-positive out of 109 cases; almost 50% or half! The primary mode of transmission is sexual contact, with males having sex with males (MSM) was the predominant sexual mode of transmission

To date, a total 5,233 Filipinos tested HIV-positive in the Philippines, with 323 deaths reported from 1984 to June 2010.


Due to the increasing awareness and access to free HIV testing, more young people are encouraged to get tested. Help us to promote FREE HIV testing for young people, including most at risk children and youth.

For FREE TESTING, visit:

The Manila Social Hygiene Clinic
Manila Health Department
Address: 208 Quiricada Street,
Sta. Cruz, Manila

It’s the building across the main gate of San Lazaro Hospital. You can enter the clinic through the gate at the right side of the building. Proceed to 2nd floor and look for Dra. Diane Mendoza. Tell her or any volunteers that you are referred by YAFA.

For inquiries call (02) 711-6942


All the best,
Your YAFA Family
YAFA Administrators