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Passed the chubby stage

My son used to be overweight as a kid. But as he grows an inch taller, he seems to be losing his baby fats. I thought my little  boy will have some weight problem in the future if he remains chubby until now. If that is the case, I’ll have no choice but enroll him in physical fitness program to make him move a lot, or enroll him in some type of food diet program appropriate for his age. I may also look for other means to help him lose the extra pounds like read xenical review(s). But, of course, I won’t resort to any drastic measure without any go signal from the health experts. I’m aware that it isn’t safe to give anything like diet pill to a young boy without the medical need and advice from his pediatrician. Good thing that he passed the “baby fat” stage. My chubby boy is a leaner and taller preteen now.