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Beautiful Beaches I Would Like to Visit in Indonesia

There are different beaches that you will see in this world but some of these beaches are not enjoyed because the water can become too cold. There are also some beaches that cannot be considered beautiful especially when compared to beaches that will surely take your breath away.

Indonesia is well known for having a lot of beaches that are open to the public. This is the reason why tourists never fail to visit Indonesia. Out of all the beaches that are available, these are a few that I would like to visit soon:


1. Sanur Bali Beach

This is known to be one of the earliest beach resorts in Bali. This is a former fishing village that can surely be charming especially to people who have never seen an actual fishing village before. This comes with different hotels, restaurants and hang outs that can appeal to different crowds.

2. Kuta Beach

When it comes to beach destinations, this is the most popular place that tourists would like to visit. Tourists started loving this beach back in the 70s and they end up visiting all over and over again. The white sand is always a sight to behold against the big waves. This is a surfer’s haven that comes with a nice and beautiful sunset.

3. Padang Padang Beach

If you would like to check a beach that is more calm with clear blue waters, this is the best beach to go. It has a lot of reefs that will make this beach a unique destination. If you have watched Eat, Pray, Love before, this is one of the places that you can see in the movie. This beach can have a calming effect on anyone.

4. Plengkung Beach

If you are searching for a beach that has a lot of natural scenery, this is the one that you should visit. You may want to visit this also if you are a surfer because it has a lot of big waves that you can ride for a long time.

5. Parangtritis Beach

You have to admit that there are different places that can offer various views of the sunset but nothing compares to what you will see when you go to Parangtritis Beach. Of course, while waiting for the sun to set, there are a lot of other activities that you can do.

I vow to visit all of these beaches soon, would you visit these beach destinations too?