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Just enjoying the day


The DVD movie and cap from Max’s

I was able to find time to relax on my birthday (despite the loads of clothes to wash). We didn’t go out we just ordered lunch from our favorite restaurant and watch the free DVD movie that was sent to me by the friendly staff of Max’s. It was a Coco Martin starer with Angeline Quinto as his leading lady. I’m just enjoying myself and free my mind of worries for a moment while lounging on the couch with foam cushion. Ah life, I wish to have more me time like this.

Diamond pendant

My friend’s birthday is coming soon and it almost coincides with Christmas!  Oh, I’m so excited for my friend because her husband had hinted that he is going to let her choose a lab grown diamond solitaire pendant for her birthday and Christmas gift!  I’m happy for her and I, too, have dreamt of owning a real diamond solitaire someday. My friend’s wish is coming true. I’m sure she is looking forward to her Big day!

Birthday wish

I can’t believe my son will turn 11 next week. Time flies so fast. I have no definite plan yet on how we are going to celebrate his birthday. My son is kind of demanding requesting a small party for his classmates. But I doubt if I can comply with his birthday wish. I always told him that it’s okay to treat his classmates if we have enough budget for it. I told my son earlier that it would be practical, if we – me, daddy and his sister, will just treat him for a sumptuous meal to the eating place of his choice and treat him to a movie. I think he is amenable to my suggestion. But when he arrived from school this afternoon, he is requesting if we can buy him a Shrek-inspired costume not for his birthday though, but intended for a Halloween play in school. I immediately search for www.costumekingdom.com and found this adorable piece which is on sale. Isn’t it cute? Should I buy him this piece or look for another style. What do you suggest? 🙂