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In retrospect

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for six years now. I’m not really sure if I’m happy that I have decided to become one. I quit my day job because of some circumstances – lack of trusted helper to attend to my young kids then and someone to keep my household in order while my husband and I are working. Another reason why I choose to be a SAHM is that I’m no longer happy with the salary I’m getting. I realized now that instead of totally quitting from work, I should have looked for alternative source of income, but I did not because I’m afraid that I may not prosper. Low self-esteem really hit me during those trying days.

I plan of putting up a small school supply store while I’m at home. I asked around for potential suppliers. I tried calling companies that could provide me with steady supply of items for the store at a discounted price. But hubby said I should not expect the business to thrive easily. He’s afraid that we may not get the capital until after several months or years maybe because of our location.

So, the idea of putting up a school supply store was stricken off from the list. I also thought of going back to selling apparel and distributing wholesale catalog on the side. But it did not materialize as it will require more hours away from the kids. Until I discover blogging. I started earning from one blog and I thought this would be it. I’ve added more blogs for potential source of income. Today, I have 11 earning blogs. The income may not be steady, but it helps my family in paying some of our bills.

My concern now is that we have more expenses that we can think of in the coming days. We now have a college student to support and hubby’s salary and my earning from blogging combined may not suffice for the expenses.

I’m now thinking of going back to work. But don’t know how and where to start…