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Shop for gift items wisely

It’s the time of the year again when people cram to shop for gift items. Many might have received their 13th month pay around this time and there’s just too many sale announcements that you just can’t resist.

Plan your shopping schedule ahead of time to avoid cramming. List down the items that you plan to purchase and their intended recipients. For a music lover friend or the one who plays the guitar well, you can choose guitar pickups at musicians friend for color and brand variation. You can also check how many strings on a guitar. And, never never shop when you are hungry for this might cause impulse shopping.

Children’s delight

It’s gift giving season once again. Do you make your own gift list for kids or just randomly shop for cute items at the mall. While toys are always a part of your Christmas shopping list every year just remember to be wary of the toys you pick from the store shelf. Experts have warned that some toys may contain lead-based paints which are harmful to health. Only lead test kits can verify the presence of lead in toys.

On choosing musical instruments as gifts, make sure to pick the ones that are easy to play since the receiver would be kids.