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Organize Your Online Stuff

Social networking sites are primarily developed to connect with family and friends. Nowadays, popular networking sites are being used for business and marketing purposes to expand consumer base. And there are social networking sites that allow you to organize your online stuff like clipix. Clipix allows you follow and “clip”  your fave sites, places, restaurant, books, or the latest beauty products on the internet.

As a busy mom, I find clipix very useful.  In between my busy sked doing a lot of offline and online activities, I have time to squeeze in window shopping online. I can clip pictures or reviews about interesting places, books and other stuff that I want to purchase in the future. I have posted a few pictures on my clipix board, but I’m looking forward to post about redecorating ideas for our small home. I’m also excited to have a list of movies that I want to see and restaurants that I want to try with my family. And since vacation is just a couple of weeks away, I’d like to get as many vacation ideas from friends and other clipix users.

Clipix is neat right? I have yet to explore its many uses. If you are a clipix user, I’d be glad to hear feedbacks from you.