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People in the Courtroom

If you have never been to a courtroom before, it can be quite intimidating and scary. There are many people in the room, that it can become overwhelming with so much going on all at once. You may not know what everyone there is doing. Here are a few of the main jobs found in court.


The judge is the one hearing the case. This is the person who has the ability to control what is being done in the room. They also make the final decision on punishment for whoever is found guilty. The judge can be looked at as the boss of the court.


There will be lawyers on both sides of the case. One to defend, and one to prosecute. They are representing the people who are involved in the situation. They also help the process of finding and supplying the facts of what happened. These are also the people who ask witnesses questions to help solve the problem.


Depending on how important the case is, you will find many reporters. If you are involved, you and your lawyer may want to look into court reporting services. They can help make sure everything is recorded and told properly in the case. After something is said or done, the event should be noted.


The jury is the group of people who listens to the facts and then decides the verdict of the case. They all will have to come to a decision. They have to appear for the whole trial and be on a non biased standing for what is happening. They are one of the most important parts of the court.

The court is needed to fulfill justice throughout the country. There are many people that play key roles to ensure that the proper outcomes and punishments are served.