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New HIV/AIDS cases in the Philippines

A total of 415 new HIV positive individuals have been recorded in May 2013 alone. The newly diagnosed HIV cases were confirmed by the STD/AIDS Cooperative Central Laboratory (SACCL) and reported to the HIV/AIDS registry. This is 52 percent higher compared to the same period last year (273 in 2012) and the highest number of cases reported in a month.

Most of the cases were males whose age ranges between 20 to29.
They acquire the infection through sexual contact and needle sharing among injecting drug users. The record also showed that males having sex with other males (MSM) were the predominant type of sexual transmission.
Most of the cases were still asymptomatic or doesn’t show any symptoms at the time of reporting.

The new cases came from the National Capital Region, Region 4A, Region 11, Region 3, and Region 7. The three highest reporting regions were NCR, 4A and 11.

Source: National Epidemiology Center (NEC) of the Department of Health.

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I receive this communication from my friend Luigi, who created Youth AIDS Filipinas Alliance or YAFA. I thought of sharing this bit of information with you.

Youth AIDS Filipinas Alliance is a network of Filipino Youth working on HIV and AIDS and adolescent sexual & reproductive health (ASRH) in the Philippines and worldwide.

The current HIV/AIDS status in the Philippines involving young people:

The HIV Surveillance Report of the Department of Heath revealed that 257 young Filipinos age 15-24 tested HIV-positive for the first half of 2010 (January to June). This is a quarter (26%) of the total HIV cases (N=981) reported this year.

For June 2010 alone, 40 youth tested HIV-positive out of 109 cases; almost 50% or half! The primary mode of transmission is sexual contact, with males having sex with males (MSM) was the predominant sexual mode of transmission

To date, a total 5,233 Filipinos tested HIV-positive in the Philippines, with 323 deaths reported from 1984 to June 2010.


Due to the increasing awareness and access to free HIV testing, more young people are encouraged to get tested. Help us to promote FREE HIV testing for young people, including most at risk children and youth.

For FREE TESTING, visit:

The Manila Social Hygiene Clinic
Manila Health Department
Address: 208 Quiricada Street,
Sta. Cruz, Manila

It’s the building across the main gate of San Lazaro Hospital. You can enter the clinic through the gate at the right side of the building. Proceed to 2nd floor and look for Dra. Diane Mendoza. Tell her or any volunteers that you are referred by YAFA.

For inquiries call (02) 711-6942


All the best,
Your YAFA Family
YAFA Administrators