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Why You Would Need a Debt Collection Attorney

Tired of getting calls from debt collectors? Do you feel as though companies are harassing you? If you work for an accounting department, you may see the other end of the spectrum. When clients are slow to pay their bills, it can be frustrating. In both cases, you may need debt collections attorneys manassas va. 

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

You Can’t Pay

There may be legitimate occasions where you are unable to pay your outstanding bills. Life’s circumstances can get in the way of your ability to keep on top of your finances. You can usually work out payment plans with accounting departments or collections agencies. However, if these organizations are not flexible, you can enlist the help of debt collections attorneys manassas va. Your attorney can help you negotiate terms with your creditor to satisfy both parties. Your lawyer will know how to effectively communicate with these companies because they have experience working with outstanding accounts. 

You Feel Harassed

If you are getting multiple calls a day asking you do pay up, you may be fed up. You may also get mail, email and threatening communications. You have rights, and your lawyer will protect your interests. Your attorney will look at your situation and determine whether you can justify filing a lawsuit for harassment. 

You Need To Protect Your Company

As an organization, you have the right to collect on the money that clients owe you. If people are deliberately avoiding you and not responding to your calls, an attorney can help you find ways to get the money you deserve. Instead of hiring a collections agency, a lawyer can start contacting customers, letting them know of the seriousness of the issue. Your lawyer may also talk about taking the customer to court.

If you are in these situations, consider hiring a debt collections attorney. Make an appointment to speak to one today.