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Deped’s Home Study Program

Band-aid solution or temporary remedy. This is how some stakeholders view the Deped-proposed home study program in public schools. They say that it only covers the flaw(s) of the education system in the country and not meant to solve problems such as lack of sufficient schools, competent teachers and textbooks.

But for an ordinary mom like me who depends on the meager salary of her husband, homeschooling system in public school is a welcome development. Home schooling is said to address the lack of school facilities. It is reportedly being pilot tested in a school in Quezon City.

Students who will participate for home school program are chosen by school officials themselves. The information is only shared by my former officemate who first heard about it from the Church she is attending to in Cavite. Home schooling fits the schedule of stay at home mom like us. The modules, which she said are quite expensive, are purchased from the Church.

She is keen to know more about the homeschooling program of Deped as it is cheaper compared to the one provided by private institutions.

Personally, I don’t think I can handle the stress homeschooling entails. But if it will indeed address the problem that Deped is pointing to solve, then I will support it especially if hubby and I will decide to transfer our kids to a public school.

As far as the K-12 program is concerned, I’m a bit skeptical about it. My son is one of the millions of students directly affected by the implementation of K-12 program this school year. My son will graduate from high school in 2018, only by then will I get to appreciate (or not) the benefits of this program to my own child. If K-12 would help him make or design a khloe kardashian engagement ring or design his own line of clothing, then I should say K-12 is a success on our part.