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Diet and exercise are still needed

Even if you are currently taking fat burners that work you still have to watch your weight and exercise to burn calories and tone down your muscle. I’ve heard quite a number of stories from experts that said for diet pills to work, the person taking them should exercise and watch what they eat to hasten weight loss.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be part of your diet. The fibrous materials found in fruits and veggies are important in removing fatty deposit in the digestive tract, thus ideal for losing weight.

On diet pills

I’m not feeling well right now. But I need to finish some tasks before I call it a night. I’m trying to do a little research on alli, it’s a diet pill. No, it’s not for me, but who knows I might need to take one for health reasons. I learned that this diet pill helps the person taking them to lose a pound in one month. That’s not bad if you’re not doing anything to get fit like exercise. But if I were to take a diet pill, I need something that would make me lose 5 to 10 pounds right away. I don’t want to wait for months to see if the medication really works. A couple of weeks of waiting will do, but that depends on my metabolism. I haven’t tried any diet pills in the market for fear of side effects although I get too tempted to buy sometimes. I need to hear an expert’s advice before taking anything because I’m not that young anymore to experiment on diet or slimming pills.