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How to make winnable political campaign songs

Political jingles are an effective tool to propel a candidate into public office.

Members of the Rainmakers with former Courier and People’s Tonight reporter Miriam Torrecampo

According to Joel Macanaya of Rainmakers, jingles should be fast or with a marching tune. The lyrics of the song should be easy to memorize.

“You have to capture everything in 30 seconds, you have to convey a message in 30 seconds,” he said in an interview.

“In political jingle, we do one adaptation and one original song for the client. The original song or jingle should stick and identify with the candidate. You have the power point, you have the good lyrics, you have the good things to say, but would it stick to the mind of the listener. I think we are successful in terms of conveying what our clients want to express through our songs,” Macanaya further said.

Many of their clients have won the election. The secret, according to him, is effectiveness.

Let’s see who among the present crop of candidates has the most convincing political jingle.

Let’s Make 2013 Election Clear: An Appeal to Candidates

Candidates would need to know that having a position in the government is not just a title. People who are elected are expected to show that they are right for the job. One of the mistakes that candidates make is they think that being elected is a ticket to being more popular when in fact, being elected will give them a lot of responsibilities that they might not be able to do if they are not fit for the job. Candidates, we are appealing to you, aim to win so that you can truly help. Do not do it because you would like to have power or because you would like to form a coalition of some sort. Do it because you like to help make the country a better place.