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The Importance of Filters In Your Home and Car

Filters have a pretty obvious job, but not everyone knows where they are or how often they need to be changed. Your home and car have various filters that make sure contaminants don’t get into your living space, or worse, into your body. Air filters, water filters, oil filters; they all filter something and they all have a lifespan. So where are these filters and what do they do?

Filters in Your Home

Your home gets water from somewhere. City water is filtered at a plant maintained by the city. If you have a well instead, there will be a set of filters near the well. You need to find out what type of filters these are and how often to replace them. Your air conditioner has a return air vent usually near the thermostat inside. The HVAC air filter housing takes a certain size of filter. Be sure to check with your HVAC installation company on how often and what type of filter to use.

Filters in Your Car

Your car has many different filters. Any fluid that your car circulates or takes in to burn is going to need to be filtered to remove impurities. Your car’s cabin has an air filter you probably didn’t even know about. It isn’t very large compared to the return air filter in your house, but it’s there. In most cars, the cabin air filter is behind or under the glove box. In some cars, it is under the hood near the firewall. This air filter is specifically there to filter the air-conditioned air inside the cabin of the car. This is a separate air filter from the one on your engine. Most oil change places will offer to replace the cabin air filter and sometimes even the engine air filter if it needs it. Keeping up with all of the various filters can be daunting, so speak with a mechanic and make a list if necessary to make sure you don’t miss any changing intervals.

Energy-saving tips

Weather experts have yet to declare that summer is officially over despite the rain showers that we experienced every afternoon. And while it’s still summer in this part of the world, here are some budget-wise tips for the housewives to make the most of  summer.

1. Instead of using dryer, hang the clothes outside to save on electricity. I observe that clothes that are sun or air dry smell good.

2. Cook outside the main house. The heat generated from cooking will induce a warmer or humid atmosphere inside the house.

3. Use washing machine at night when lesser appliance is being used. Computers with touch monitors (like elo touch screen), may or may not consume large amounts of electricity, but just the same, turn off appliance when not in use.

4. Visit parks instead of going to the mall to avoid unwanted spending.

You can add more budget-wise tips to the list. Comment section is open.