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Stay mobile

Vehicles are one of the features of modern life. However, older people find it difficult to cope with heavy traffic on the streets. As drivers and pedestrians they are prone to accidents than when they were younger. But this should not stop them from being as mobile as they used to be.

Walking is an excellent exercise for elderly people. For places they cannot reach by foot, there is usually public transport. Some people may even have access to a car.

To travel safely consider some of the following advice. For older men who are inclined to use best fat burners for men, this one’s for you to read, too.

  1. Ask your family, friends or neighbors to help out when you want to go somewhere and you need help.
  2. Use public transport when possible and ask your fellow passengers for a seat, if all seats are occupied.
  3. Contact a citizen’s group involved in helping older people on public transport.
  4. Give back your driving license when you feel it becomes difficult to cope with driving; your local authorities may reward you with reduced price tickets for public transport.
  5. Cross the road only at pedestrian crossings.

Source: World Health Organization