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Lazy Eye Surgery in Adults

Amplyopia is a condition that can start at birth with the eyes losing vision in one eye. The lazy eye is a complicated condition of the eyes and brain that makes normal eyesight a problem. This is called amplyopia and it affects the way the eyes align. The eyes appear to point inward or out. The eyes are not able to focusing correctly on images. This condition can cause double vision, vision in only one eye, and gradual loss of depth perception. The eyes can also have a different prescription when it comes to eyesight.

The lazy eye syndrome can fall into three types of problems that keep vision from being normal. There are the droopy eyelids or cataracts in children. Treatment can vary depending on the severity.

The eyes not working together in unison is a form of amplyopia called strabismus. Strabismus can be caused by diabetes, a head or eye injury, and a stroke.

Another condition of the eyes not aligning properly is a result of the brain choosing one side of a person’s vision over the other. At some point the inside of the eye weakens and the brain will no longer use it anymore.

As people age the signs of lazy eye may not be noticeable at first. However as time goes on the signs do start to become apparent. The vision becomes a problem as the eyes become misaligned. The eyes at this point are no longer looking in the same direction.

It becomes apparent that this condition needs to be corrected. Glasses nor contacts can’t fully correct this condition. The procedure to correct this would be lazy eye surgery in adults. This procedure is thought of as a viable option to correct this condition. However having said this the eye muscle surgery straightens the eyes, but only for cosmetic purposes. The vision does not return to normal in the bad eye.

An option for the condition is refractive surgery. Lasik or cataract surgery have been used to correct lazy eye. Doctors believe this to be a viable option when it comes to aligning the eyes.

The surgery is given to adults for other reasons also. Reasons that can affect a person life in many ways. These are problems that can affect a person’s quality of life. Having this corrective surgery can improve the way a person feels about themselves. It gives them confidence when dealing with social situations.

Strabismus Surgery for Adults no Longer Only for Children

Are you in need of help with strabismus and as an adult believing that the surgery to fix the condition is only for children? This is untrue, you can have the surgery as an adult. The surgery is no longer for just children. The surgery is as effective in adults just as it once believed only children would benefit from such surgery.

There is no longer reasons to have strabismus and suffer from the problem as and adult any further. Patients are often checked when complaining they have double vision, or wearing patches. Although that was then, this is now and the data now proves that the surgery is working wonderfully for adults.

The strabismus surgery adults have is safe and effective. Adults can have strabismus improved by surgery from a licensed ophthalmologist will help the adults suffering from double vision, misaligned eyes in which one or both eyes are going into different directions. For example, one may have an eye turned in while the other is looking at you or both eyes may turn in or outwards while trying to view someone or something. Having misaligned eyes can have an impact on a persons perception of themselves. This to is another reason an adult can have the surgery to fix these misalignment of the eyes.

Additionally, strabismus can cause several health problems such as headaches, straining the eyes, sleepiness that becomes excessive, and problems with reading. This also can cause dizziness which many strabismus sufferers do not know that these symptoms from strabismus. As with any surgery there are risks and benefits. However, many times the benefits out do the negative risks.

The risks of this surgery are uncommon with adults, however, postoperative diplopia, loss of binocular fusion, or unplanned operation needed after the first. The benefits outweigh the risks as adults will have improved ocular alignment, elimination of diplopia, restored sensory, expansion of vision, social skills, and self-image increase.

Comparing what is and would be if you choose to have such surgery performed to realign and fix the strabismus. The doctor will first check to make sure you are a candidate for the surgery. Once you evaluated and you are getting the surgery you can have different anesthesia. Such as local or region anesthesia, but most prefer to do surgery under local if possible.

Imagine no longer will you have the double vision and all the other problems in which can occur if not taking care of the strabismus as an adult through the surgical procedure. Your life will change from no more side effects and giving you back your self-confidence.