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Sad reunion

My husband and his two older brothers will be flying tomorrow morning to General Santos City to visit their very ill mother. Kuya Harold, the oldest of the eight siblings received a text message from their youngest sister Rizza telling them to come home because their mother may go anytime soon. It’s my mother-in-law’s wish to see all her children for the last time.

My parents-in-law

It will be a sad reunion for my husband and his mother who last saw each other eight years ago. My mother-in-law celebrated his 76th birthday in her sickbed last July 25. She has been suffering from a kidney disease and diabetes for a long time.

I’ll start packing a few shirts and pants for hubby tonight so he still have more time to rest before going to the airport in the morning. I might include his bifocal safety glasses in his backpack so he will have something to protect his eyes from the dusty road on their way to their mom’s house.

If not for the expensive airfare we could be flying with hubby tomorrow, sadly my kids will never see their grandmother one last time.