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A pair of UGG boots for me

I’m expecting a call from my sister this weekend. She asked me the last time we talk if I want something for Christmas. I told her not to bother because I know she needs the money more than I do. But if she would insist a pair of ugg boots will be fine. 😀 I used to wear a locally manufactured boots when I was working. My old pair doesn’t fit anymore. I remember wearing them on formal occasions or coverage.

One of my former officemates who resides in Canada owns more than a pair of ugg boots. She said they are comfortable on her feet and she wears them during winter and even summer. My officemate said her boots never go out of style she can pair them with formal or casual wear.

If my sister can afford to buy a pair for me, I would request a mini boots. But if my request is too pricey for her, it’s ok. She doesn’t have to worry about me what is important is that she’ll come home safe and be with her kids on Christmas Day. 🙂