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Emergency Floatation Devices

Shared from Blessed World’s FB Page.

With the onset of heavy rains, an added life-saver is being aware of the things we usually have around us that we can use in times of emergency. MAKING AN EMERGENCY FLOATING DEVICE

1) Get a plastic container (itapon na yung laman kung meron pa at kung kailangan mo nang lumangoy palabas).

2) Get a rope or anything that’s strong enough (nylon rope, belt, dog chain, electrical wire or cable) and tie one end to the plastic container.

3) Make a big loop, just enough to slip your head and arm. The rope will ensure the floating device will not slip out of their hold while braving the flood. If you don’t have the big containers, get a sack or trash bag or any plastic bag or back pack that’s strong enough and large enough. Fill it up with used water bottles or other plastic bottles.

You can also use styrofore (from home appliance packaging), toys, rubber balls like basketball as fillers. Fill it up with empty plastic bottles or any empty plastic bottles. Make sure the bottles are tightly capped. Seal its mouth with the rope and tie it securely. If the rope is long enough, you can make several turns across the bag, firming it with a knot in every turn, to make sure the bag won’t disintegrate while you are clinging on to it. If you have the “Salbabida” or floating device made from used car tire interior, tie a rope around it as well so it wont slip out of your hold. In case, all you have is the trash bag, you can inflate one bag and tie the mouth to seal it and insert the bag into another trash bag. Do this 3 times.

This is not safe though since any pointed object carried by the floodwater hitting it will surely put a hole and ruin it. Best is you put plastic bottles or styrofore or plastic toys so that it will remain floating even if the plastic bag is damaged. But if you have no choice, it’s still better to have it than nothing at all. You can also use large grocery plastic bags. Just fill up your used grocery plastic bags with empty plastic bottles and secure the mouth.

Images lifted from Blessed World’s Facebook Page