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Shades of Ginkgo Tree

Some people are born with green thumbs. My grandmother and my mother, for example, can grow plants easily. I can take care of plants like water them everyday, but raising them from seed, nah!

But if you love gardening and raising rare plants, this post is for you. You might be interested about the site I just stumbled today. The site is selling ginkgo tree. If you’re not familiar with ginkgo tree, it is a non-flowering tree and has no known close living relatives. Historically, Ginkgo tree was one of the first varieties of modern trees to ever exist. It is said to be as old as 270 million years.

Based on description provided on the site, its leaves become a vibrant yellow in the fall and can grow upwards of 100′ in height over a thousand year period. You might also be interested to know how resilient Ginkgos are. At least four Ginkgos survived the bomb explosion in Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945 at least one mile from the bombing site.

Aside from being the undisputed best shade trees of all time, Ginkgos is also famous as additive for some food supplements. If you’re interested you can visit the site to find out the areas where this tree is best to grow in and the list of prices and how to purchase them.