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Birthday wish

I can’t believe my son will turn 11 next week. Time flies so fast. I have no definite plan yet on how we are going to celebrate his birthday. My son is kind of demanding requesting a small party for his classmates. But I doubt if I can comply with his birthday wish. I always told him that it’s okay to treat his classmates if we have enough budget for it. I told my son earlier that it would be practical, if we – me, daddy and his sister, will just treat him for a sumptuous meal to the eating place of his choice and treat him to a movie. I think he is amenable to my suggestion. But when he arrived from school this afternoon, he is requesting if we can buy him a Shrek-inspired costume not for his birthday though, but intended for a Halloween play in school. I immediately search for www.costumekingdom.com and found this adorable piece which is on sale. Isn’t it cute? Should I buy him this piece or look for another style. What do you suggest? 🙂