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Why fruits and vegetables are important

The fiber content of fruits and vegetables serves as the best colon cleansing agent needed by our body to stay healthy. Fruits and veggies are rich in nutrients. The fibrous materials found in fruits and veggies are necessary in removing fatty deposit in our digestive tract.


For weight watchers, the high fiber diet is ideal for losing weight. It also helps control the blood sugar levels of persons with diabetes. So start you day with fruits and vegetables!  🙂

Hard habit to break

I thought smoking is prohibited in government buildings, grounds and premises. But why do some people have difficulty in following rules like those working in certain government office. Hubby saw smoking gents right outside the premises where he claimed his driver’s license. Smoking is likewise banned in hospitals, health centers, schools, universities and colleges. But why there are still smokers puffing cigarettes in these areas? One good example is the public school near our area. Students would sneak out during break time to buy cigarette sticks.

Even if you are not smoking, you can be affected by secondhand smoke. Where do you get secondhand smoke? The smoke that comes from the tip of a burning cigarette, pipe or cigars (of various cigar sizes), and when a smoker exhales. You’re like inhaling the same amount of chemicals from the burnt cigarette.

Safe toys for your little ones

If you are planning to buy toys as Christmas gift for your young children and godchildren, please read this safety tips first before heading to your favorite department store.

Characteristics of a good toy:

  1. Suitable to the child’s physical capabilities, mental and social development;
  2. Appealing and interesting to the child; and
  3. Well constructed, durable and safe for the child’s age.

Do’s and Dont’s in Toy Safety:

  1. Check labels on the packaging and observe precautions appearing in the labels to ensure the safety of the child;
  2. Ensure that the child will play with a toy suited for his age under adult supervision;
  3. Dispose plastic packaging accordingly. Keep it out of reach of children;
  4. For children under age three (3), do not buy the following toys:
  • balls with a diameter of 1.75 inches or less so as to prevent choking;
  • that easily breaks into small parts or pieces (glass or brittle plastics);
  • containing small detachable parts or pieces which could become lodged in the throat;
  • with sharp points and edges;
  • with electrical parts, unless supervised by an adult;
  • with parts that could pinch or entrap fingers, toes or hair;
  • with parts put together by straight pins, sharp wires or nails that are exposed and easily detached. (http://www.doh.gov.ph/)

Aside from this safety tips, please be wary about toys that may contain lead paint. Sometimes mommies tend to pick more colorful toys because they appeal to the eyes of very young children. But, we must be aware that some colorful toys may contain lead-based paint that could pose serious health problem to children.

An epa approved lead test kit can help you detect lead-free toys. The kit contains lead test swabs that instantly alerts consumers to the presence of lead in consumer products.

Lead can cause irreversible damage to the nerve, kidney, heart and reproductive system. Lead poisoning is often fatal to children.

Just to show you how serious lead poisoning is the US FTC recalled at least 20 million toys containing poisonous lead in 2008.

For local inquiries about toys safety please call the Bureau of Health Devices and Technology (BHDT)-Department of Health at 743-8301 local 3408 or at 711-6824.