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Protect your health, my advice

There’s a really good reason I talk about mine and my family’s health on this blog; it’s really important to me, just like your family’s wellbeing is really important to you too. I talk about it often because it’s on my mind a lot. I like to make sure that I can live a long and happy life, watching my kids grow up (and my grandchildren, and hopefully great grandchildren too). I need to stay healthy, and I really want my kids to grow up in good health too.

A friend of mine was recently injured in a car accident, and this has made me think about it even more than usual. She’s fine now. She took a bit of time off work until she got better, and she was out of action for quite a while. Shortly after she got hurt, and when we knew she was going to be ok, I told her to go to a personal injury claims company. They’re on the internet now, so it’s really easy to do. She could just visit a site like no win no fee and get some proper advice on how she could make up some of the money she missed out on not being at work. She took my advice and the results were brilliant – they took her case on no win no fee and helped her with all her medical costs.

My advice to readers is that you should definitely consider this if you ever get hurt. I would need help with my medical bills and with looking after my family if I ever got too hurt to work, and I think you probably would too.

Ready to hit the road

Before you hit the road for the much awaited summer vacation, make sure to check your vehicle well and bring a repair kit with you. Most importantly, never never attempt to drive when drunk, better yet, don’t drink at all to avoid accidents.

Road accidents are inevitable so if you are going on a travel, secure your health card, insurance data and your social security number in a safe place that only you and your family members have access to just in case someone will need it to avail social security benefits.

In times of sickness

My mother-in-law will be buried in Gensan today. She succumbed to complications of diabetes and kidney disease. Her diabetes and kidney problem could have been managed by the right amount of medication to prevent complications from setting in. However, she doesn’t have a Medicare plan or disability insurance to cover all her medical expenses. A company like Allsup could have helped the family of my mother-in-law facilitates the release of her health benefits if she had applied for one when she was alive and healthy. For a minimal fee, Allsup assists people to get their disability insurance.

With my mother-in-law’s death and the financial burden experienced by the family during her frequent hospitalizations, I realized the need for a more reliable health insurance for my own family. We need a health policy that covers not just hospitalization but also the simple blood test, x-ray and related physical examination for the whole family. At the moment, my family relies on my husband’s Philhealth. Philhealth is a health care system funded by the government. However, the benefits one can get from the system depend on the amount of contribution and may not be enough especially for the minimum wage earner.