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Be responsible this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, health practitioners are reminding adults to always practice safe sex.

In a Facebook post, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime-Philippines admitted that condom use is still unpopular, with only 38 percent of men who have sex with men (MSM) using condoms when having sex (IHBSS, 2018). A recent UNODC-Ph study disclosed that MSM who had experience using drugs where twice more likely to have condomless sex.

“While it may be awesome to make love without a condom, we are increasing the possibility of getting infected by HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections,” the FB post said.

As a Valentine’s Day reminder, the UNODC-ph encouraged the public to lower the risk of HIV and STDs by using condoms. “We can still enjoy making love while USING CONDOMS. They are free. Contact your nearest sexual health facilities.”

A total of 70,740 individuals have been diagnosed with HIV in the Philippines since 1984. Ninety-four percent are males. Sexual contact is the most common mode of HIV transmission.

What young people should learn from Luigi – a person with HIV

Click on the link to hear Luigi’s story. You may learn something valuable from him.


You read about Luigi (nursing student with HIV) here. Now listen to his voice as he recounts his story on the radio via DZRH. He granted the radio interview to help the government in the awareness campaign against  HIV/AIDS.

At the end of the interview, Luigi wishes that the Departments of Health and Education would incorporate not only information about HIV/AIDS in the high school curriculum, but information on other sexually transmitted infections (STIs); and communicable diseases such as tuberculosis being one of the indicators of HIV/AIDS.

I’m going to transcribe the whole interview one of these days.

Personal advocacy

I was about to call it a night after reading an article about sonor at musicians friend when I remember I haven’t posted PAFPI’s statement for World AIDS Day 2013. It has been a personal advocacy of mine to write or post something about recent developments on HIV/AIDS. I’ve started doing this after I quit my day job and begin a career in blogging. I believe that in my own little way I would be able to help disseminate what people should know about HIV/AIDS prevention.