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Home Improvement Getting Organized

Whether you’ve been in your home for 25 years or just moved in last week, there are likely some things you want to change about it. Here are some thoughts to help you stay organized and make the process easier.

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Decide What You Want Done

When you are working on remodeling your home, there are so many things you can do! You may want to make a list of all the things you’d like to have done and then prioritize the list into items that have to be done right away, those that need to be completed soon, and the things that can wait for a while.

Create a Budget

Whether you have a few small things that need to be changed or you want to do a whole-home renovation, you need to know how much money you have available to spend on the project. Some of the big-ticket items will be the amount you pay a contractor to do the job and the materials needed for it. Of course, things like permits cost money and can take time, too. If your contractor works with a DOT permit expeditor, you may be able to get started sooner rather than later.

Shop Around for a Contractor

Unless you do remodeling for a living, you are going to need to hire someone who does. Get at least three bids and be sure to ask questions. Don’t just take the reviewers’ words for things. You should ask directly about how long it will take, when the contractor could actually start, and what the cost will be. Be sure to find out if they will be taking care of permits for construction or driveway repair so you are sure everything is being done properly.

No matter what type of repairs or revisions you are making, having someone who knows what they are doing can give you peace of mind. Then, when it’s all completed you can sit back and enjoy it.

4 Ways To Use Concrete

Concrete, when created correctly, is hard and durable. It can take any form and its practical uses are endless. Concrete can be used for the foundation of a giant building or to hold up a simple fence post. Here are four other ways to use concrete. 

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1. Hangout Area

In your backyard, it is important to have different areas to add variety. You can have flower beds and grass but it is also nice to have a hard surface to play on. After a concrete slab installation Shreveport you can have a place for basketball, tennis or even a patio for relaxing. Take it to the next level of relaxation and pour a slab for a spot for a nice cozy hot tub. 

2. Furniture

Concrete is not known for being comfortable, but it is long-lasting and effective. If you want a table or bar stools outside but don’t want the paint to chip off wood ones after a year or so, try making or buying outdoor furniture made of concrete that will withstand all the elements. 

3. Countertops

You need kitchen countertops to be hard and resilient. Concrete countertops are a great option. Not only will countertops made of concrete last forever they will also look great in your space. Adding the element of cool rock that can be colored to any color you want will finish off any kitchen.

4. Decor

Concrete easily takes the shape of wherever it is. If you have molds in a fun shape you can use that to make concrete casts and turn it into home decor. Depending on your mold shapes, you could create cylinders for vases or spheres for cabinet knobs. 

Concrete is a great way to add variety to any space. No matter how big or small, its strength will make anything last for as long as you need it to. 

How To Declutter Your Home Without Getting Overwhelmed

Living a minimalist life has many benefits such as having less to clean and spending more time with the items you truly cherish, but even just decluttering your home and life a little can reduce stress. Most people get hung up in the process, however, and either do not know where to start or get overwhelmed at the scope of the project.

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Hire Domestic Staff

A big stumbling block for families and individuals looking to declutter their home is getting distracted by the mess that you clean instead. Hiring a housekeeper or a cleaning service to come in once or twice a week can curb this and you can find qualified staff through a domestic agency Beverly Hills CA to help you meet your decluttering goals, even if they just keep other distractions away from your project.

Start With Hidden Stuff

Most of the clutter you see on your countertops and shelves is stuff that you use every day, it is just there because better storage and organization options are full with the things that you do not use. So, when decluttering, start with the places where you want to keep everyday items. For instance, if you have paperwork clutter on your desk, start by shredding outdated and unnecessary documents in your filing cabinets.

Make It Routine

You do not have to spend a week straight tackling every nook and cranny of your home to declutter, even five minutes a day can add up without adding stress. There are many methods for decluttering which can be turned into a routine. For instance, you can ask your housekeeper to help you declutter one area for a couple of minutes each time they arrive and be amazed at the progress made.

Decluttering your home without becoming overwhelmed is all about how you break the job down. When you have help cleaning or watching the kids, start with hidden clutter and build a routine, you will see five minutes a day add up to a more tidy and functional space to relax in.