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A Quick Guide to Industrial Air Conditioning

Running a business means keeping your employees and clients happy, safe, and comfortable. The weather in Corpus Christi can be scorching in the summertime, which means you need an industrial air conditioning unit that meets the needs of your facility. Industrial units are critical and require special attention from true professionals. 

Image by ElasticComputeFarm from Pixabay

Industrial Air Conditioning Is a Critical Need

HVAC units have been around for some time. Unfortunately, during their early years, they caused something known as Sick Building Syndrome in larger spaces, a term used because students, workers, or other people in schools or large buildings would become sick. This is because they were exposed to vapors and other contaminants in poorly made HVAC systems that caused breathing problems. These days, industrial-grade HVAC units are critical for safety, comfort, and health in large buildings.

Types of Industrial Air Conditioning

There are commonly two types of industrial HVAC units: split air conditioning systems or ductless systems. Sometimes, they are even a combination of both. In these systems, the machinery, including fans, condensers, towers, and more, are hosted at a remote location outside of the building, typically on the roof. The cool air discharges through smaller units located in various rooms throughout the building and can often be controlled by using individual thermostats. On the other hand, systems with ducts are usually inefficient for larger areas that need to maintain individual temperatures in separate rooms.

Maintaining an Industrial Air Conditioner

Like smaller units, industrial air conditioners require routine maintenance and industrial AC repair Corpus Christi. Professional technicians should come out each spring and winter to replace filters, check the condition of belts and other small components, clean coils, and top off refrigerant as needed.

Whether you need a maintenance check or a complete overhaul of your industrial HVAC system, it is important to work with professionals who are experienced with such intricate machines. Look for a licensed, insured company that has plenty of business references.