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Figures don’t lie. The number of jobless individuals continues to increase several months after President Benigno “PNoy” Aquino III was elected to office. Other people are blaming the president for lack of political will or his being a passive president. Some who are not keen on his leadership believe they did the right thing of not supporting him.

Majority of those seeking job are looking for any kind of job abroad. They will do anything whatever it takes to get the menial or even columbus jobs to be able to support their families. My brother in law, for instance, will be leaving this week to work in Brunei. He believes that his family’s future depend on his success overseas. He has four children and the eldest needs to quit school to give way to her younger siblings.

How many Filipinos are like my brother in law today? I cannot blame him for choosing to leave his family behind, after all, there is no available job for him in the Philippines.