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Types of Lawyers

When people think of lawyers, they typically think of a person who defends criminals in court. Although this is what is commonly depicted on television shows and movies, the law field is much more expansive than this. There are a number of different types of lawyers, and students considering law should research each kind to find out what their best fit will be.

Estate Planning Lawyers

An estate planning attorney Los Angeles CA helps a person manage assets to be passed onto future generations. They are typically the ones that a person would go to in order to have a will written. They can also help a person outline end of life decisions such as who to assign as power of attorney.

Adoption Lawyers

Family law is a branch of law that has many parts, but adoption law can be one of the most rewarding. Adoption attorneys can handle domestic or international cases and are the ones who help make the adoption process permanent and legal. Some family lawyers choose to specialize in one area (such as adoption) while others choose to handle divorce, custody arrangements and more.

Criminal Justice Lawyers

While there are other types of law that are less common, criminal justice lawyers have an important job. They defend people on trial and present complex cases to a court of law. Students interested in this particular branch of law should have excellent oration skills as well as a firm grasp of how legal proceedings work. 

Law can be a rewarding field full of plenty of exciting possibilities. For those interested in this field, classes in English and public speaking can be helpful. For those who are passionate about this field, it can offer a rewarding career for many years. There are endless opportunities for those who wish to seek this degree.

3 Things You Should Know About Guardian Ad Litems

If you are in the unfortunate circumstance of going through a custody battle and are contemplating the engagement of a GAL, there are some things you should know. Divorces are hard, traumatic even, especially for children. Working with your ex-spouse can be immensely challenging, but you should try to agree with them if it as at all possible. If you are unable to do so and must use GAL services Lynnwood WA, here are three things you should know. 

1. GALs Can Be Expensive

While GALs involved in cases involving child abuse or neglect may be a volunteer, those involved with divorces are often not. They are often attorneys themselves, and they expect to be paid. A GAL may charge a lower hourly rate than an attorney fee, but it can still be a couple of hundred dollars per hour. Remember, you and your ex-spouse have people representing you and they are representing the child’s best interests. 

2. GALs Are Nearly Always Listened To by the Judge

In a custody dispute, especially in a highly contentious divorce, both parties agree to the use of a guardian ad litem and who that person will be. For this reason, judges place great emphasis on their recommendation. If you disagree with a GAL’s recommendation, it is incredibly difficult to get a different outcome.

3. GALs Represent the Child

If you obtain GAL services, please be careful in your interactions with them. Be honest, don’t pester them, refrain from attacking the other side, and let them do their job. They have seen a lot, which is a good thing. Present your side, always demonstrate respectful behavior, love your child, and trust the process.

If at all possible, try to come to an agreement through yourselves, your attorneys, or mediation in matters about child custody, If you are unable to do so, or if you are in a highly contentious divorce, leverage a GAL.